About eMed

eMed Society of Engineers in Medicine was founded in 2010 at Cornell University by a group of engineers understanding the need for an organization to address the demands of a growing pre-medical student population in engineering. 

eMed's goal is to promote the interests of students in engineering pursuing a career in medicine, by allowing its members to gain development in the areas of service, medical professionalism, and peer relations within the Cornell Engineering Premedical student body. 

The organization aims to provide the resources and connections necessary to shape successful premedical engineering students and better prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead in the path to a medical profession. Each year, eMed runs numerous programs and events to promote medical interest among engineers, including service opportunities, alumni speaker events, peer mentoring, and alumni information databases. 

Membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of all colleges within Cornell who have an interest in medicine. 

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